DaNang Information Technology Park was inaugurated

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam highly appreciated the efforts of Da Nang and the investor (Da Nang IT Development Joint Stock Company belonging to Trung Nam Group) to push the progress and mobilize resources early. Phase 1 of project went into operation. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, DITP is the largest IT area in the country, serving the growing information technology industry of Vietnam, while limiting the shortage of human resources and products, adding value to the economy of the whole country.

Deputy Prime Minister instructed central ministries, especially Ministries of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communications ... to coordinate with Da Nang authority, take the lead for the whole country in developing strongly information industry.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam highly appreciated the efforts of Da Nang, the investor to create the largest IT zone in the country.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Huy - General Director of Da Nang IT Development Joint Stock Company said: “With modern infrastructure, amenity space, connecting roads, DITP is an attractive place to invest, an ideal place for leading IT professionals to work creatively. ”

According to Mr. Huy, Trung Nam investor wants the City to hand over the ground and support related procedures so that investors can soon deploy the second phase of technical infrastructure. , assimilate the infrastructure of the project and take advantage of the resources of the contractors who successfully implemented the project in phase 1 to quickly invest in completing the technical infrastructure of the entire project.

 With the goal of achieving revenue of 1.5 billion USD / year and the ability to recruit 25,000 employees, DITP is expected to become one of the best IT development communities in Asia in Danang City following the US model of Silicon Valley. The project will contribute to attract scientists, engineers, technology experts at both home and abroad to work, encourage training of high-tech industries at universities. DITP has a total area of 341 hectares and a total investment of over US $ 120 million divided into 2 phases. Currently phase 1 with a total area of 131 hectares, a total capital of 47 million USD has been completed infrastructure, ready to serve investors. Phase 2 with a total area of 210 hectares, total investment of 74 million USD is expected to deploy in 2019.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and the leaders of the Ministries of the Central Government, localities and investors cut the ribbon to inaugurate the first phase of DITP.


DITP will provide services for IT companies, IT services, software development ... including synchronous land and high infrastructure, pre-built buildings and offices for lease. The highlight of the project is the green space that is widely distributed throughout the project, the promenade around the water surface with outdoor facilities, sports, natural landscapes designed to bring relaxing space for those who live and work here.

Based on these characteristics, DITP is being concerned by many international investors, accordingly the spread of this project with the development of the region is increasing. Currently, big companies such as IBM, Cisco, Intel, KDDI, Mitsui and a number of  IT companies from Japan, USA and Singapore are very interested in the investment markets in Da Nang and Danang IT Park.

Mr. Nguyen Tam Thinh, Chairman of Da Nang IT Park Development Joint Stock Company, said that Danang IT Park was previously developed by foreign investors and was granted the certificate for the first time from May 5-2012, however the project progress is very slow, even without improvement or any changes for a long time. Trung Nam, with its determination and willingness, has gradually regained the transfer of shareholders' shares and took over full authority to deploy the project from March 2018.

Mr. Nguyen Tam Thinh, Chairman of Da Nang IT Park Development Joint Stock Company, gave a speech at the ceremony.

Also according to Mr. Thinh, after nearly 1 year of drastic implementation, the technical infrastructure of the project was completed with good quality and officially inaugurated on March 29. According to him, when the authorities of City gave trustworthy for organization to carry out the Danang IT Park infrastructure project with the High-Tech Park in December 2018, in the unfavorable weather at the end of the year, but with high determination,  Trung Nam also basically completed the project within only three months. With our potential and determination, Mr. Thinh said that Trung Nam hopes that the City will hand over the ground and support procedures to be able to deploy the second phase of Danang IT Park's infrastructure to synchronize and match infrastructure connection.

On the same day, the senior management of Danang High-tech Park organized the technical traffic to connect DITP (phase 1) with the high-tech park. Thus, the synchronous infrastructure will be connected from the city center through the Nguyen Tat Thanh route, through the Golden Hills urban area into DITP and through the high-tech area. With a total investment of more than VND 100 billion, this route is an important transport hub to meet the travel needs of investors in 2 key projects in the Northwest of Danang.