DaNang IT Park will be inaugurated on March 29 in Hoa Lien



15/03/2019 14:00

With a strong development speed, the information technology industry plays an important role in the economic structure of Da Nang, promising to be the future of the city.

In fact, Da Nang's land fund no longer requires increased land use efficiency. Statistics show that 1 ha of land in Da Nang Software Park generates 450 billion VND / year, which is more efficient than other industries. The characteristics of the information technology industry rely mainly on quality human resources, this is also suitable for Da Nang when the city becomes the economic and educational center of the region.

In 2018, the information technology and communication industry in Da Nang reached nearly 28 trillion dong, created 25,000 jobs, the average growth rate of software export was 29% / year.

From the above reality, the information technology industry is the least expensive and the fastest way to bring Da Nang brand to the world as a lesson from India, Taiwan, Isreal ... Da Nang has also identified IT is one of the three main factors of City development in the future.

There are 5 software parks and 1 concentrated information technology park (Danang IT Park-DITP) in DaNang , of which 4 parks are in operation. However, the demand for production space of information technology  is still very large. That pressure urged the City to urgently invest in new software zones and put Danang IT Park into operation.

Danang IT Park, modelled after the Silicon Valley with a total area of 341 hectares, invested a capital of nearly 300 million USD. Currently, Trung Nam has basically completed phase 1 with 131 hectares.

According to the investor's representative, facing with the City's request for the project schedule to urgently have a ground to serve investors, especially in the year to promote investment attraction in 2019, the unit has mobilized maximum human resources, facilities, working day and night on the construction site. This is also one of the large-scale, high-speed completion projects of Trung Nam.

Through investment promotion, there are a variety of businesses wishing to invest in Danang IT Park thanks to the special advantage that the Government gives to Danang High-Tech Park (Danang IT Park is a part of the high-tech park.)


Investors also assessed Danang IT Park's advantage in the connected transport infrastructure, located on the front of Nam Hai Van bypass connecting the highway from Hue to Quang Ngai, connecting with the city center in just over 20 minutes by car through coastal Nguyen Tat Thanh.


Danang IT Park is well-planned, amenity, creating an inspiring creative environment for engineers, and Danang IT Park is located next to the Danang High-tech Park where many large projects are being carried out, such as the project of producing US aerospace components with total capital of 170 million USD will be started in March 29.

However, the greater advantage of Danang IT Park is that it is located at the gateway of the Northwest into the city, where the social infrastructure is vibrantly developed and becoming a new dynamic urban area of the City.

It takes only a few minutes from Danang IT Park along the extended Nguyen Tat Thanh route to Golden Hills -a large-scale ecological urban area, with a dense network of canals, rivers, and parks, which can provide  accommodation for thousands of engineers working at Danang IT Park or high-tech park.

Currently in Golden Hills, a series of shophouses have been built, gas stations, supermarkets, especially complex buildings with 18-storey commercial and entertainment centers have been built by Trung Nam, in the process of completion. Trung Nam is also preparing to start the project of twin towers of a high-rise hotel right on the extended Nguyen Tat Thanh facade; promoting the construction of a public beach with a total investment of more than VND 200 billion at the end of the Nguyen Tat Thanh route. On March 28, a 24-storey hotel complex with water park, artificial mountain, food court ...are expected to begin construction in Xuan Thieu.

Thus, it can be evaluated a great advantage when investing in Danang IT Park thanks to the strong social infrastructure behind. It takes only a few minutes for experts, engineers, managers, businessmen ... from Danang IT Park to return to the place to rest, swim, enjoy travel, entertainment, shopping services . A favorable working and living environment will create great investment advantages.

At the inauguration ceremony of Danang IT Park project on March 29, Da Nang Information Technology Park Development Joint Stock Company (Danang IT Park) will start construction of office complex project- combination of working office and exhibitions, fairs, display center. This is the first groundbreaking project in Danang IT Park with an area of over 87.000 m2, including a 26-story building.