Inauguration of Danang IT Park: Step by step realizing the dream "Silicon Valley"

March 29, 2019 marked an important milestone for Da Nang information technology (IT) industry when the first phase of the centralized IT zone - Danang IT Park was officially inaugurated. The dream of a "silicon valley" west of Danang has been realized for many years.

Danang IT Park (DITP) is a key project to promote the local economy as well as the urban face of the northwest city. The City had prepared a Master plan to implement the project for more than 10 years ago, but due to objective reasons, it was not until early 2018 when Trung Nam Land "joined" that the DITP was strongly deployed. Currently, the first phase of the 131-hectare project (US $ 47 million) with high-quality infrastructure has been completed, ready to meet the needs of investors.

Experts assessed the important role of DITP in creating a new driving force to promote Danang's economic growth. Dr. Tran Du Lich (Economic Advisory Group of the Prime Minister) said that if the new growth engine cannot be found, Da Nang's economy will be in a standstill, not surpassing itself, not to say the spillover for the area. The new impetus is High Technology and Information Technology (IT). In particular, the High-Tech area has been piloted by the Prime Minister to build an innovation center which is given the outstanding investment incentive mechanism. And DITP is located in the High-Tech area, enjoying special preferential mechanism. But more importantly, IT is the trend of the world, it only needs modern infrastructure, creative human resources, if Danang is well exploited, it will quickly move into the world as a lesson from India, Taiwan, Israel. ... Mr. Lich said, Da Nang is still the largest urban center comparing to the Central region, has an education center with an open mechanism, good living environment, according to the rule of flowing water, the gray matter will flock to Danang. Therefore, with good infrastructures such as DITP, with innovative young human resources, Da Nang's IT industry will be on the world map. And the opening of DITP today is a milestone for that journey.

Mr. Truong Tan Manh, Chairman of Hoa Lien commune, said that more than 200 households had moved to build Danang IT Park. They understand that this is a big project, will fundamentally change the local face and they agree to relocate. Mr. Manh said: The project will not only attract more businesses to invest in production, create jobs for people, but also boost the economy of the region. Thanks to the High-Tech park and DITP zones, the traffic infrastructure is invested greatly, connecting the horizontal and vertical lines from urban projects. Especially, according to Mr. Manh, the spillover from big projects like DITP has helped Hoa Lien's urban appearance change rapidly; trade, entertainment and tourism services to serve engineers, experts working at DITP and High-Tech are massive invested. Pointing towards the extended Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Mr. Manh cheerfully showed off, a series of hotel projects, shopping centers, petrol stations ... in Golden Hills are being built. “A few years ago, the two sides of the road were still villages and fields, who thought it would change so fast now. Just considering the price of land a few years ago this area only a few million dong / m2 has now increased to tens of millions, proving that this area is on the trend of rapid urbanization "- Mr. Manh said.

With 341 hectares and total investment capital of US $ 121 million, DITP targets revenue of US $ 1.5 billion / year, employing 25,000 employees. Currently, DITP can provide IT services, software development, including land with high and synchronous infrastructure, pre-built buildings and offices for lease. The highlight of DITP is the green space that is distributed throughout the project, the promenade around the water surface with outdoor facilities, sports, and natural landscapes designed to bring relaxation space for people who live and work here. It takes 20 minutes from DITP, through Nguyen Tat Thanh street extends to the city center by car; and DITP location can easily reach international airports, seaports, universities, tourist destinations ... Not to mention, located at the gateway of Da Nang, from DITP along Hue - Quang Ngai highway will connect a series of economic, urban and industrial zones, forming an economic corridor to Lien Chieu port. From these characteristics, DITP is interested by many international investors such as IBM, Cisco, Intel, KDDI, Mitsui ...

Considering the continuity and complementarity to become a high-tech urban area in the Northwest of the city, the technical infrastructure connecting the High-Tech Park and DITP area plays an essential role. On March 29, the Management Board of Danang Hi-Tech Park organized the technical open to the road linking Danang IT Park (phase 1) with the high-tech park, and at the same time clear the Nguyen Tat Thanh intersection into DITP. Thus, the synchronous infrastructure will be connected from the city center through the Nguyen Tat Thanh route, through the Golden Hills urban area into DITP and through the high-tech area.

At DITP, with the determination to develop synchronous and diverse infrastructure to meet the needs of investors, Trung Nam Land continues to commence the office complexes, exhibition complex. This project is built on Zone C with a total area of over 87,000 m2, including Office building, working office, (expected to be 26 floors), display area, exhibition area, public area. ... Trung Nam Land is also going to build an expert housing area with 41 adjacent apartments, 5 high-rise apartments (6-12 floors) in subdivision D. In addition to the architectural works, the landscape of lake (subdivision E) is alsobeing built to create accommodation, inspiring space for engineers and experts working at DITP.

After only about 2 years of construction, DITP was able to gradually realize the dream of a "silicon valley" in Da Nang. DITP's buildings and architecture are still being invested in forming a model IT zone, a new growth engine of the city, aspiration of a busy northwestern Da Nang.

Mr. Nguyen Tam Thinh, Chairman of Da Nang IT Park Development Joint Stock Company, said that Danang IT Park was previously developed by foreign investors and was granted the certificate for the first time from May 5-2012, however the project progress is very slow, even without improvement or any changes for a long time. Trung Nam, with its determination and willingness, has gradually regained the transfer shares of shareholders and held full rights to implement the project from March 2018. After nearly 1 year of drastic implementation, the technical infrastructure of the project was completed with good quality and officially inaugurated on March 29. According to Mr. Thinh, when he was entrusted by the City to implement the Danang IT Park infrastructure coupling project with the High-Tech Park in December 2018, in the adverse weather conditions at the end of the year, but with high determination, Trung Nam also basically completed the project only within 3 months. With his potential and determination, Mr. Thinh said that Trung Nam hopes that the city will hand over the ground and support procedures to be able to deploy the second phase of Danang IT Park's infrastructure to synchronize and match infrastructure connection.

In 2018, Da Nang IT industry achieved 16 trillion dong revenue over 25 trillion dong in Information and Communications industry, creating 25,000 jobs. Currently, two software parks of Da Nang have been filled, FPT Complex is implementing phase 2, which shows that the demand for space and IT infrastructure is very large.  Danang IT Park, which is planned, built with modern infrastructure, will definitely be an ideal place to work for leading IT professionals. Mr. Thinh believes this place will turn into a Silicon Valley of Vietnam.

Also according to Mr. Thinh's sharing, 9 years before Trung Nam came to the potential Northwest region of Da Nang, this place was still the land with a large area of wasteland, cultivated with low productivity. By the will, determination to accompany the development of the city with the hinged projects such as extended Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Golden Hills Urban Area, Information Technology Park, this area has had drastic change. In the near future, Trung Nam will deploy many more projects in this area with the desire to turn this place into one of the busiest areas in the city.

Thien An